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Frequently Asked Questions  
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Getting Started as an Organization

Managing my Organization's Account

Getting Started as a Supporter of an Organization

Getting Started as an Organization  
Why do I have to fill out an application to join Fundinco?  

We are passionate about supporting the growth of the non-profit sector. We must ensure the participating non-profit organizations are valid and in good standing. 

How does work?  

The concept is have people within your organization - for example, students, alumni, parishioners, volunteers, etc. that make purchases online. Why not earn a commission?
3 Simple Steps:

  1. Register your organization with
  2. Work with the Fundinco Team to develop a marketing plan
  3. Market the Fundinco Solution to your supporters and Earn!
How much money can my organization raise through fundinco? Is there a max amount?  

There is no maximum amount and the opportunity to raise funds is limitless. The amount raised depends upon the number of supporters that shop and the amount they purchase online. We have marketing tools to promote usage at no cost to your organization. 

Why would I use as a way to fundraise for my organization?  

Non-profit organizations are competing for fewer dollars as individual, corporate, and foundation giving has declined. We are offering a new, innovative way to raise funds at no cost to your organization! This solution is simple to use and is not intrusive to your organization's members. Why wouldn't you use to raise funds for your organization?

How much does it cost to join  

There is absolutely no cost to the non-profit organization.

Why does require proof of a non-profit and/or the Federal Tax ID number?  

We must use these items to validate the organizations are in good standing. In addition, the Federal Tax ID allows us to ensure that we properly issue tax related documentation.     

Does my organization only earn a commission on certain products bought?  

Non-profits earn on purchases within the following categories: apparel & accessories, home & outdoor living, baby gear & furniture, and health & beauty. The amount earned is variable based on the category and the volume of aggregate sales that month. In general, non-profits earn between 0.5% and 4% based on those factors. Excluded categories, as dictated by Target, do not earn any commissions.

Are there different prices on products when using Fundinco?  

No, the prices are the same, as is the checkout process, delivery, etc. The only difference is how you arrive at the site.

How does our non-profit get paid?  

Fundinco will pay your organization on a monthly basis as long as your earnings are over $50 per month. If not, we will roll your earnings into the next month. The monthly payments are made within 75 days of the month they are earned subject to the $50 minimum mentioned above.

How long does it take for my earnings to show up on MyAccount?  

Official earnings are posted monthly, usually on the first day of the following month. Estimated earnings are provided on a weekly basis and are generally available every Monday. Earnings are only reported on items that have actually shipped.

Can I sign up an organization that is based outside of the US?  

At this time, Fundinco is not able to support organizations outside of the US. Please keep checking in with us as our goal is to support as many non-profits as we possibly can!


Managing my Organization's Account  
How do I change my password?  

Logon to your account on  "Click" View My Account. This is your organization's administration dashboard. "Click" on Edit Profile and then "click" Password Reset. 

Can I add authorized users to my account?  

Yes, logon to your account on and "Click" on Manage Users and then fill in the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. Then, "click" Add User. You can add users as just team members or administrative users which have access to your account.


Getting Started as a Supporter of an Organization  
How does work?  

The concept is simple, fundraise while you shop!
3 Simple Steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Select your organization
  3. And…you’re off to shop
Does it cost anything extra for me to shop using  

No, you are shopping directly on the online retailer's website. 

Does Fundinco see my credit card information?  

No, the retailer handles all of the credit card processing.

Can I take a deduction on the dollars that go to my organization?  

No, you can’t take a deduction on these dollars since this is not a donation.

How can I confirm that my purchases are being tracked back to my organization?  

When you click the button to begin shoppping, a pop-up window will display to confirm that all items placed into your shopping cart are now being tracked back to your organization.

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